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Lauri Elstelä lives and works in Helsinki. He graduated with a BA from Aalto University of Art, Design, and Architecture in 2018, with a minor in Audiovisual Project Management. In the previous fall (2018), he studied film at ArtCenter College of Design, Los Angeles, California.


CV available upon request.

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Director, writer, editor: Lauri Elstelä

Cinematographer: Shane Lee

Colorist: Shane Lee, Lauri Elstelä

Boom operator: Joseph Monte

1st assistant director: Diego Rubio

1st assistant camera: Taytum Blake

An ex-prisoner Bob wants to reconnect with his loved ones, with his kid, and with himself.



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Director, writer, editor: Lauri Elstelä

Cinematographer: Shane Lee

Boom operator: Maggie Zheng

1st assistant director: Taylor Fitzegerald

Extreme times call for extreme measures.

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Film by Lauri Elstelä, Lasse Vairio, Tomasz Sekular, Teo Tornberg

aaaA man lost in time and space, shaking himself out of virtual reality.


Silent film

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